UniGlobal_Media_Group_Logo_010713_5x5_copy-196x241UniGlobal Media Group is a full-service public relations firm that offers some a number of services geared for the hyper-connected Internet world alongside traditional methods of exposure.  As noted throughout the website, UniGlobal has been utilizing the technological revolution in audio podcasting by taking full-length radio shows and creating short, targeted subject based podcasts which are organized into playlists on Sound Cloud and employed in various internet PR capacities.  


111212222Danny Quintana,  founder of the Global High Seas Marine Preserve Foundation and author of Space & Ocean Exploration: The Alternative to the Military-Industrial Complex,  is working with UniGlobal Media to bring the issue of the crisis of industrial fishing has brought to the oceans of the world and thus to the doorstep of billions around the world.  UniGlobal President Brad Butler is one of the directors of the GHSMP Foundation along with Danny Quintana and Neil Crabtree.  

The primary goal of the foundation is the shutting of the major fisheries of the world to industrial fishing to allow the major top-of-the-food chain marine predators to made a comeback as the